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#Moderates threaten to trigger by-elections. Oh do. Please do

I would really love to see a Labour Party without all the Blairite dead wood, so if they want to keep threatening to leave, I really, really hope they’ll act on their own words!


According to the Times, laughably-termed ‘moderates’ in the Labour Party are threatening an ‘exodus’ of what are supposed to be ‘potentially damaging by-elections’. Here’s how the Times announced it on Twitter:

times exodus tweetAnd in the article:

times exodusAccording to the Times, a group of mostly worn-out old ‘moderates’ are ready to step down to trigger by-elections they hope will punish Labour members for wanting to remove some of their bright (seriously) young allies via that dread word, ‘deselection’:

The insider said: “Any attempt by the hard left to increase their stranglehold over the party will backfire. There are a number of older MPs who are serving their last term and were planning to stand down before the snap general election who would be prepared to go, triggering by-elections. In marginal seats, that could be particularly damaging to the leadership.”

This is most likely either right-wing posturing or Murdoch stirring. But if it’s…

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