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The state is our enemy

I have only just come across the Blog that the following words to my introduction comes from, but these words, so much more eloquent than my own, speak the truth of our country today.
If we give in, and let this war-mongering, power-stealing government continue on the road it is travelling down, then we’ll have no-one to blame, except ourselves, when anarchy erupts onto the streets of our cities.
There have been almost 4 decades of rule by right-wing millionaires, and billionaires, who have stolen everything worth keeping in the UK, who have privatised everything that we paid for with our own taxes, and who tell us ‘tough luck’, when we lose our jobs, and demand the support our grandparents, parents, and we, ourselves, paid in to, in case of need – and they change the wordings of our safety net, into ‘benefits’, as if it were from their own largesse that they are paying us from – another kind of theft – instead of from what we have already contributed to, and which is our right under law – until they change the laws, of course!
But everything that we took so long to build up – our NHS, our Social Care, our Police Force, our Justice System, our Fire Brigade, our free school systems, naming but a few – all of this is busilly being sold off to the lowest bidder as I write this.
Grenfell Towers is only the latest atrocity caused by our government’s lack of humanity, lack of compassion, lack of forward thinking, and if something doesn’t change, and very soon, I dread to think what will happen next!

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain


The system is broken, and by that I do not mean accidentally, oops how careless of me, broken, I mean wilfully and deliberately broken.

I have lived my life with mental ill health and what I described as ‘social phobia’ years before any such description existed. Doctors told me I was agoraphobic, which then and now I refuse to accept, I am not afraid of open spaces, of the great outdoors, I am afraid of our system of inhuman society. What my mind and body has been telling me from a very young age was that there was and is something wrong with human society. I am not sick, or mentally deficient, my mind and body were accurately responding to a system that was and is exploitative and broken.

It is broken for many, if not most, ordinary people by design.

We are dangled a carrot of work for rewards…

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