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Video: at last blairite admits what we all knew – they wanted #GE17 to go badly

How dare Johnson – clearly a traitor to the working classes – call the members of the Labour Party a ‘narrow, secterian left, that is intollerant of others views’.
The Labour Party is made up from people in every walk of life, but the one thing we all have in common, is the dream that Jeremy Corbyn brought to us, that we, as a country, could be united by a common cause!
There has been the same constant cry from the Blairites (who are the newbies in the Labour Party, whether they acknowledge that, or not) that life isn’t fair, because we have rejected their Tory ways, and have gone back to the grass roots, to the way that Labour began – where we all have an equal say in how this party is run, and an equal share in the responsibilities of running it.
We don’t do this for power and wealth, like the Blairites do, we do it For the Many, not the Few!


It’s long been believed by many Corbyn supporters that the right wing of the party wanted Labour to fail badly in the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn – and by almost as many that they were doing their best to make it happen.

How better to explain the constant briefings and whinings to press and broadcasters about unelectability, the manufactured misogyny smear (and worse), the damaging interventions by New Labour dinosaurs no longer in Parliament and the attempts by right-leaning HQ staff to undermine Corbyn and weed out his supporters? Hard to think of a better explanation that fits the facts.

‘The truth will out’, as the saying goes – and former New Labour front-bencher slipped up and let it escape his lips during a television interview.

Asked whether he was disappointed by Labour’s surge in the General Election because it spoiled the chance of getting rid of Corbyn, Johnson…

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