Today’s demo. Frustration, food parcels and anger. 

If it wasn’t for the kindness of people like this wonderful lady and her group of friends who, week after week, come rain or shine, stand outside the ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, handing out lots of advice, and food parcels, there would be so many more people in desperate need!
Her words are so true – if nothing is done soon about the situation we are all in; if this government don’t stop this false ‘austerity’ drive they love so much, then there are going to be even more terrible cicumstances happening around the UK 😦

We need a Labour Government to take control, give back the power taken from the people, to the people – and maybe get some of the money back they have managed to take from us all which is, no doubt, salted away in tax havens abroad! 😦

The poor side of life

I was a bit anxious about the demo this morning for two reasons. The first being the weather, it looked like the heavens were about to open and Odin was about to pour all his wrath upon us. Secondly, it’s the school holidays and I have to bring my daughter with me. She’s normally very good, but is an active, intelligent girl that can easily become fed up.

My fears were unfounded though, because the sun shone, it was warm and my daughter was kept busy thanks to my friend Karl and my friend Lel. My friends are wonderful thank you.

As I arrived so did the food parcels. it wasn’t a long wait, and Roy dropped them off. He’s amazing. He used to work for Citizens Advice amongst other organisations and is now retired, although I don’t think that he has much spare time!

I had noticed a lady…

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