Vox Political: Tories Lying About Full Employment

None of this surprises me in the least, as I’ve watched so many of my daughter’s generation being either pushed into self-employment, whether there’s enough work for them to live by it, or not (good old working tax credit – a nenefit by any other name!)or told to take on part-time work, with these being the only option other than claiming dole!
So many people I know are on zero-hour contracts, when they have any work at all, so I don’t know who the tories are trying to kid, ‘cos it isn’t the working class, who are having to deal with the effects of this non-wage-non-work merry-go-round!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Mike yesterday put up a very necessary piece critically examining the Tories’ claims that Britain now has ‘full employment’, meaning that the unemployment rate is 4.5 per cent, and three million more people are in work since this time last year. Mike states very clearly that if you’re confused by your inability to get a decent job or a proper, living wage, despite this news, you’re quite right. It’s because the figures are a lie.

He cites the figures included in two critical reports of the Tory claims, one by The Canary and the other by the UK Business Insider. The Canary states that in order to reach this figure of 3 million more in work, the Tories have had to include 10,000 unpaid family workers and 35,000 on temporary training contracts.

As for wages, these have fallen by 0.5 per cent year on year, so that you’re actually £6…

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