Reader tells terrible tragedy and horrific extent of child sexual abuse

Having left the Jehovah’s Witnesses, after discovering that this is also a world-wide problem within their society, it doesn’t surprise me to learn that so very many people were abused as children.
The fact that we are all now starting to discuss the problem, and with any kind of solution we can to hand, is a small ray of hope for me, as it shows the subject isn’t the taboo it was when I was a child.
Whatever the views of the person who wrote the original account, it must be a given that they have been very brave to admit to what so many people refuse to see – that our children need to know that they can rely on us to protect them from this awful thing happening to them and, if possible, bring whoever hurts a child to justice – and quickly.
We have got to stop this rot in British society, before it destroys yet another generation of children!


human cost.pngThe SKWAWKBOX has covered the shocking news that a serving Chief Constable has been accused of – and interviewed under caution about – alleged involvement in the sexual abuse of children (CSA).

The government’s inquiry into such abuse has involved such control of the members of its panel that it has raised serious concerns that it is more aimed at obscuring the truth rather than exposing it. The backlash that has already begun by trolls and stalkers connected to the Establishment have intensified those concerns.

This blog’s reports on those issues have prompted some readers to get in touch with information about their own situations and/or experiences. Some may become the subject of legal action and cannot be shared in any detail.

However, one account sent in is unlikely ever to come before judge and jury – but will give readers a clearer appreciation of both the human cost of…

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