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And another TMA has gone!

I don’t know whether it is age, or just the sheer fact of being so busy, but I couldn’t believe that yet another month has flown by!

I crammed so much study into the last month, both secular and biblical, that I often didn’t know whether I was coming or going – and frequently met myself going both ways {grin}

But, despite another bout of bad health, I was happy to be able to get my TMA02 off in time on Thursday, despite last-minute panics that I’d need to use an extension to finish it off.

I have to admit that I’m struggling a bit with this course. I’m not sure whether it’s a lot tougher than I had expected, or whether its just a by-product of my illness, that makes it harder to comprehend, and retain, the knowledge that, at one time, would have been a doddle for me to absorb but, whatever the cause, the result is that I’m having to read, and then re-read, all the information needed for me to complete my TMA’s.
And there’s such a lot of information that needs absorbing with this course!

I’ve lost count of how many critics I’ve had to read for this TMA and, no doubt, as the course progresses, there will be even more!
I’m not really complaining of this (well – not much, anyway!) but I do find it hard that something I used to take for granted, has now become a bit of a chore for me to complete. But, despite this, I really do enjoy the process of learning new things, and wouldn’t dream of giving up so close to the finishing line.

I only have this course, and one more level 3, to do, and then, supposing I pass both of them, I will have achieved my BA (Hon) – with a lot of effort, and, no doubt, frequent pulling of hair, and gnashing of teeth – something every student is intimately familiar with at one time or another!

I’m not sure whether I’m looking forward to that time with gratitude that this marathon stint of learning will be over, or with regret that it is, but one thing’s for sure, I’ll still be pressing the button that means I’ve booked yet another course with the Open University – even if it’s only a 10-pointer to keep my hand in!

There is something truly addictive about the process of learning new things – something I rediscovered when I started studying the Bible – and I don’t think it’s something that I’ll ever want to stop!

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