Exclusive: former explosives dog-handler talks May’s damage to security #GE17

Why aren’t the mainstream media outlets bringing us this news?
Unless it’s because most of them are owned by the super-rich elite, who have constantly stolen from the poor to make themselves richer, since the conservatives got into power, of course 😦
They can afford to have private security to keep them safe, so why should any of them care about the rest of us?




After the terrible and tragic events in Manchester on Monday, Theresa May said she would ensure that the police would have the resources necessary to handle the challenge. What she omitted to mention, of course, was that she had made huge cuts – as Home Secretary – to the most important resource the police have.

Police officers. 20,000 of them.

And seven specially-trained police explosives dogs, because as far as she was concerned they weren’t needed and were therefore made redundant, along with their specially-trained handlers.

police dog.pngA police sniffer dog and its handler

One of the handlers (probably not the one you might be thinking of) of those dogs talked exclusively to the SKWAWKBOX on condition of anonymity about May, her actions as Home Secretary and their consequences – and the sheer scale of the challenge she ahs left the police ill-equipped to meet:

SKWAWKBOX: What has it been…

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