Jeremy Corbyn on Everything . . .

I’ve not often sat to listen to political videos, but came across one on a post by  Beastrabban.

It’s an interview between Owen Jones and Jeremy Corbyn, and lasts around 45 minutes but, if you really want to know the thoughts and ideas of Jeremy Corbyn, then you should listen to it, and see what a difference he could make to us all.

Here’s the link to the interview through Owen Jone’s Youtube account, if you want to watch it directly:

Owen Jones Interviews Jeremy Corbyn


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9 responses to “Jeremy Corbyn on Everything . . .

  1. By the way I don’t have a blog I wouldn’t know how to do one, if you want to talk you can email me any time, let me know if you need me to give you my email address?


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  2. Hi Katy

    I was really depressed and disappointed, but I am positive May Will make huge mistakes and there could be an election in August this year.
    A lot of the media are already regretting backing May, which it will be better for Jeremy should we have another election, they have also regretted trying to destroy Jeremy.

    Keep your chin up

    My mirror explanation could still be true after all!!! Lol


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  3. I really do not understand people, and why they have animosity against Jeremy? I have a copy of the manifesto sent to me by the Labour party, there isn’t a single policy that I don’t agree with, this is a policy of fairness and caring for all! Why do people want Britain to be more broken than it already is.
    With the Tories I have no future, and no prospects just an existence, and I can’t live like that.

    Great name by the way!!!

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    • I totally agree with you Joanna 🙂

      I’m sat here, on election day, absolutely terrified at the thought of waking up tomorrow, and finding myself, once again, under the power of the tory machine!

      I’m terrified that the little I’ve got will be taken from me, by a government who don’t give a damn about me, or for me.

      I’m desperately trying to distract myself from it all, purely so that I can keep my mental health from getting worse than it is right now, and the one thing that helps, is the fact that so many people have heard the message of the Lavour Party, and agree with it wholeheartedly.

      Because the way we vote in this country is so skewed towards those with money and power, we’ll never have a true voice within this present government, but I hope, and pray, that Jeremy Corbyn, as the Labour Party leader, even if he doesn’t become PM tomorrow, will still fight on for what is right for us all, and will, hopefully, push forward the idea of proportional representation for us all, so that we will all have a fairer say in our futures.

      JC has been like a beam of hope in my life and, no matter what the result tomorrow, I believe in the policies he and his cabinet brought together for us all.

      So, if Labour aren’t the government when I wake up tomorrow, the one piece of positivity I will have, is the belief that they will keep fighting for what’s right for us all 🙂

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      • I hear you Katy, I’m planning on trying to sleep all day tomorrow, I’m going to switch everything that has any news I don’t want to know until I am ready. I have got myself lots of comfort food and drink, I detest alcohol I drink semi-frozen milk.

        JC is the best thing that could happen to this country!!! Take care and keep hope alive, and bless you!!! This message from you has given me strength!!! Thank you Katy!

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      • Thank you, Joanna 🙂

        I’ve heard from so many of my friends, who are planning to do the same as yourself, and I – and it angers me all over again, that we are being made so frightened of our desire for something better for everyone 😦

        I hope things turn out much better than we fear, Joanne, and also hope that your day tomorrow is much better, too.

        Take care of yourself, and Bless You for your words of encouragement 🙂

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      • Please call me Jo, Beast does and I consider him a friend as well!

        I’m hoping 7 year ago someone somewhere broke a mirror and we have just had 7 years bad luck, I know i’m reaching but hey you have to either get logic from somewhere or make it up yourself!

        Good night try to sleep and if you do sweet dreams Katy!!

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      • The mirror thing is about the best explanaition I’ve heard yet, Jo, and it made me smile for the first time today – and that means a lot to me 🙂

        Sweet dreams, Jo – and here’s to a better awakening! 🙂

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