Conservative dark ads on Facebook and the media commentaries grossly misrepresent Corbyn’s views on ‘national security’ issues

I am so, so fed up with the dirty tricks and propaganda happening with the Tory party, in their fight against the Labour Party – it’s about time there were some rules put in place, to stop this sort of thing, so that the British public would then be able to concentrate on the policies that actually matter most to them! 😦

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                The real – Right wing authoritarian meets Pinochet


The fake – Déjà vu: the Tories seem to imply that every Labour leader has “links” with the IRA and need a “coalition of chaos” to succeed. 

There is a picture of Corbyn circulating in both the mainstream media and on social media that was taken in 1995 with Gerry Adams, of Sinn Fein, in an attempt to try and link Corbyn with the IRA, albeit indirectly. The picture was actually taken after the Downing Street Declaration (an agreement between the UK and Ireland that the Northern Irish people had the right to self determination) which led to the first IRA ceasefire.

Corbyn contributed to the debate by pushing the IRA to abandon the bombings and sit down to negotiate since the 1980s. Margaret Thatcher held secret meetings with the IRA with the very…

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