The Magic Money Tree And Other Fairy Stories

I’ve just read this post of Guy Debord’s Cat and, for the first time since becoming interested in politics, it has helped me underst our National debt, and how it relates to us all – and the lies politician’s tell us about it all!
There is a section quoting Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman, and it really brought it home to me how we’ve been hoodwinked into paying, and paying, and paying once again, for the Bank and it’s cronies, and their lavish lifestyles, while we all go without, suffer, and die, through lack of social funding!

If anyone from a working class background votes for the tories on the 8th, then I hope they reap what they sow, as they will be as much to blame for the loss of our democracy as the tories are!

Guy Debord's Cat

To hear the Tories, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they know what they’re talking about on all matters relating to the national finances. According to the media and the Tories themselves, they can be “trusted on the economy” (sic). After all, according to the political and economic pundits, they’re not the ones who “crashed the economy” or propose “tax and spend” policies are they?  In fact, to hear them talk you’d think they never taxed anyone nor spent any money. But it’s all just a fairy story,  just like the ‘magic money tree’ that only the Labour Party has access to.

The phrase ‘magic money tree’ seems to have made an appearance in the last 10 to 15 years, and it’s used by Tories and ‘researchers’ from right-wing think-tanks to denigrate the economic ideas and policies of opposition parties – especially the Labour Party.  Its use by these groups is…

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