The huge, hidden Tory #NHSBOGOF fire-sale #NaylorReport #GE17 #NHS

I an utterly, and totally FURIOUS right now!

The Tories are trying to con the British public that their sale of publicly-funded NHS buildings – in a BOGOF deal to private buyers – is going to be good for the NHS!

They have made absolutely NO guarantees that the money they receive for the sales will be re-invested back into the NHS and, to make it even more sickening, will fine any NHS trust that refuses to sell, 3.5% EVERY YEAR, until they do sell!

If they get back into power on June 8th, you might as well say goodbye to the NHS – and watch as the Tory money-grubbers deal out the money they make from the sales, into their off-shore accounts – because the British public, who have actually paid for the vast majority of everything to do with the NHS, won’t see a penny of it invested back where it belongs!



The SKWAWKBOX published a video this morning that an observer had created concerning the Naylor Report, which Theresa May said – without explaining – that she fully supported.

May treated it as if the ten billion pounds implementing Naylor will cost was an additional Tory investment in the NHS – but in fact, it’s the opposite. £10bn is the cost of forcingthe NHS to sell off its assets on a BOGOF (buy one get one free) basis at fire-sale prices to private companies.

nhs bogofImage courtesy of @galeuxdeysine

Any NHS Trust that doesn’t participate in the sell-off will be forced to pay a penalty of 3.5% of the value of those assets at market rates – but market rates will not apply to assets sold.

You can watch the full video here, but at over 11 minutes long a lot of people were asking for a shorter version of…

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