Clive Lewis: “accusations are just not credible – who’d be that stupid?”

I find the accusations against Clive Lewis a tad too useful to the Tory media machine for my liking – especially in the wake of the 36 Tory MP’s who are in trouble for similar reasons – which the MSM are keeping very quiet about, as usual.
Is this yet another Tory-led accusation, made to take the fire away from their problems, I wonder?


The media are making much of claims that Clive Lewis ‘groped’ a woman’s bottom at a Novara Media party. This evening, Lewis spoke to the SKWAWKBOX about the allegations – and his tone was incredulous as much as anything.

Not at the fact that Labour is investigating them, which he applauded, but at the way they were being portrayed in the media.

Allegations absolutely have to be treated seriously and investigated properly, so I welcome the fact that the party is investigating them. That’s absolutely as it should be.

But if you look at the detail of what’s being claimed, it doesn’t make sense. The Independent admits that this was the first time I’d met the woman – she’s complained anonymously, so I can’t say whether I met her at all. I hug a lot of people, but I’d never grab anyone’s backside – but they’re saying that this was…

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