Sky News deleted this appalling tweet while BBC ignores #CatalanReferendum

While Spanish-Catalan people are being abused, and punished for wanting the right to steer their own futures, the BBC drone on about May’s sore throat!


There have been terrible scenes this weekend in Catalunya, where the Catalans – denied an independence referendum by the Spanish government – have been trying to hold their own, unauthorised poll on separating from Spain. Police have been filmed perpetrating appalling violence on peaceful protesters and even innocent passers-by:

The Catalan desire for independence has been seriously under-reported by the BBC, but Sky News appears to have taken a shocking “here’s what you’ll get if you don’t toe the line” approach to its coverage – at least in this tweet:

sky catalanThe appalling tweet was later deleted, but not before it was screengrabbed by a sharp-witted reader.

Police brutality has included police not only firing rubber bullets into crowds but also stamping on the heads of civilians and throwing people down stairs:

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