It’s popcorn time as the Tory implosion intensifies

The Tories are fighting like children in the playground and, while they do, our country goes down the drains – but they don’t give a damn about that, as it will be the Grown-ups – the Labour Party – who will have to try and bring us back to some kind of parity.
The fact that the tories are still spouting the lie that it was Labour that caused the global financial crash – when it was the Tory’s billionaire banking buddies who managed to do that all on their own – says so much about the thinking of the tory party.
Anybody who voted them in, ought to be ashamed of themselves, as they brought into a power the biggest self-serving bunch of brats imaginable – brats that have managed to bring more misery and death to their own people, in the 7 years they’ve been in power, than at any other time in our history!
And it’ll be the Labour Party who’ll have to clean up after them and, no doubt, once again bear the blame! Grrrrrrrr


The self-cannibalisation of the Tory party has been gathering pace since Theresa May’s disastrous conference speech.

Former party chair Grant Shapps claimed to have the names of ‘up to 30’ Tory MPs prepared to ask the ‘1922 committee’ to remove Mrs May. Boris Johnson – with a shameful, casual disregard for those with mental health challenges – in turn attacked ‘nutters’ who wanted to remove May as leader.

Then, on Thursday, former Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson savaged current chancellor Philip Hammond on for coming ‘very close to sabotage’ by refusing to budget huge sums of money to cover the ‘no-deal Brexit’ that will take place when the Tories fail to reach a deal with the EU:

Now Conservative back-bencher…

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