Achieved #NHS targets fall from 86% to ZERO% in #4ToryYears

We all know that the selling off of the NHS has been happening, and has been, really since Blaire’s regime – but seems to have been really speeded up this last few years or so, by the Tory Government – so why is nothing being done about it?
The NHS is a Nation-funded Health and Social Care system, so why haven’t we the right to put a stop to the Tory selling-off of all it’s component parts?
Why aren’t the Labour Party screaming and shouting out to the world about all the real figures, instead of keeping quiet every time a Tory lies about the real figures – or at least start doing something to put a stop to it all?
Is our government so far above the Law that absolutely nothing can be done to call a halt to it all?


The Tories like to claim that they’re protecting the NHS and increasing its funding. They lie – in spite of being regularly rebuked by the UKSA (UK Statistics Authority) for doing so. The lie has been definitively exposed today by a revelation about the English NHS’ performance against ‘key targets’.

‘Shocking’ doesn’t even come close.

The latest data portray the near-collapse of the NHS – especially in England – under the weight of underfunding and unremedied staff shortages combined with completely-predictable demand.

Performance against key targets, in cancer care, Accident and Emergency and planned operations, in 2012/13 was eighty-six percent – which was already seriously short of the 95% target. Four years later in 2016/17, the most recent complete performance year – it had fallen to zero percent:

nhs eng 86 0Source: the BBC

Performance in Scotland – where the devolved administration has to live with the Tories’ overall funding cuts but…

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